The University of Arcanum

History: Located in T’nari the university has been around for close to 2000 years and is often headed by elven arch mages. The university trains in all forms of proper arcane magic usage (the dark art of necromancy is not allowed here). It’s the only one of its kind in Daytar Leamay. They accept students from all around the kingdom if they can afford the tuition fees. The tests are grueling and many students fail out in the first year. Many of the student who manage to reach the first year commencement ceremony go on to be great wizards and sorcerers in their own right, but the students tend to be rather intellectual and snobby. A beautiful campus for strolling in (ducking regularly as students practice some of there spells or have a duel) and an immense library that may prove useful to PC’s on quests. Magic items can be ordered or perchased from the bookstore/gift shop.

Leaders and members:
Head Master Joyland Fewish: (Elf Wizard { Air Mephit keeper} 18th): Well into his 7th century the Head master has been keeping this place running smoothly for the last 90 years.
Lady Estellis LeManis: (Human wizard ( weather sage/18th) Reclusive weather sage, and alumni, who teaches out of her tower over looking the harbor of T’nari.
High Priest Gi Hede: (Human Cleric {Pellmar} 16th): Master Astrologer, divination teacher.
Sheen Keel: (Kanwan Wizard {Dueling} 15th}): Evocation teacher and Head of the Dueling club
Pokin Laymam: (Halfling Seal Masters 15th): Summoning teacher.
Dod Leclerk: (Human Dimensional Masters 15th): Interdimensional mechanics teacher.
Pikk Lonanna: (1/2 Elf Wizard/ Loremaster { Air Mephit keeper} 15th): Head Librarian
Okam Poterin: (Ifrit Wizard ( Fire Mephit keeper} 13th). Head Chef
Sinna Leafberry: (Elf Wizard ( Water Mephit keeper} 13th) Enchantment Teacher
Karllon Geely: (Human sorcerer {Crafter Bloodline} 13th), school blacksmith
Pie LongDuck: (Gnome Illusionist 13th) illusion Teacher
Sarre Debic: (Tiefling Warlock {Life leech } 12th) Head of Healing Ward
Kaynet Lomme: (Human Fighter {Eldritch Knight} 12th): Abjuration teacher
Commar Poxin: (Paymar family Sorcerer {Lycanthrope Bloodline} 12th): Transmutation teacher.
Kirry Songleaf: (1/2 elf earth mephit keeper 10th) Head gardener
Savir Loppin: (Puggii Sorcerer {Beastkin Bloodline} 10th): Familiar keeper
Rayraz Habic: (Assimar Sorcerer {Celestial Bloodline} 7th): Top recruiter and student retention Rayraz is a very busy man, but would love to set some time aside to talk to you about the benefits of formal training.
Viscount Kreid Logsnot: (Human sorcerer {Nobility} 1st): Student with a wicked sense of humor, he is likely noticed just as one of his infamous color pranks goes off or some other creative use of cantrips on unsuspecting bystanders.

Training and levels:
The university’s fee’s are steep but they have access to an almost unlimited well of knowledge.
1St Year intensive training (includes room and board): 2000Gp (Standard schedule)
2nd year advancement and up: 1000Gp x level (lengths vary from 1 month to 1 year)
Item Creation training: 150Gp + materials
Limited Library Pass (per day) 10Gp
Gift Shop Magic items: List price
Custom Order magic Items: List price +250Gp
A scholarship is available twice a year for those new students who show exceptional talent but come from unfortunate backgrounds.
Classes: See below
Backgrounds D&D 5.0: Any, Scholarship, University Arcanum trained
Pathfinder World Traits: Friend of Royalty, University of Arcanum Trained, Charitable Scholarship

Initiation: After completing each year of learning a commencement ceremony is held.

Sorcerer bloodlines: Only Available form the university

Lycanthrope Bloodline Nobility Bloodline- {Human Only}
Arachnid Bloodline Hominid Bloodline- {Human Only}
Beastkin Bloodline Crafters Bloodline
Avaian Bloodline

Wizard Schools

  • Dueling School: A specialized form of entertainment and fun, the wizard duelist specialize in non lethal means of subduing their opponents. see Wizard dueling
  • Mephit keeper school: The backbone of the University, the mephits they befriend, heat the water, keep the grounds, and the library and any thing else that needs to be done on campus.
  • Weather sage: Masters of wind and wave Weather sages are in high demand on board the sailing ships and in caravans. only taught by Lady Estellis LeManis.
  • Seal Masters These conjurers use disposable seals to quick summon their allies
  • Dimensional Masters These wizards are masters in self transposition and movement.
  • Astrologer Masters of divination, math and star movement.

Bases: The University is located in T’nari, It has a large sprawling campus, with a massive Library and tower, Scriptorium, Lecture halls, Student housing, Even an attached temple of Pellmar complete with star observatory. University Campus

Getting in: Pay the fees and show at least a small amount of arcane talent. Most student are Wizards or Sorcerers but not exclusively, other arcane classes are offered for all arcane learning. Warlocks are extremely rare at the university as they gain their arcane knowledge through their patron, however Sarre Debic who works in the Healers Wards is a warlock and will train any that gain entrance in her private coven work.


The University of Arcanum

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