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Were Jaguar Race (The Paymar Family kin):

Personality: The decedents of the Paymars are all taught from a young age about “the purge”, the slaughter of their family by the Harramany family during the Mauwti War. They are rebellious, stubborn, and often charismatic. Even the ones born with out the Were-jaguar template have some small measure of cat like luck.

Physical description:
Not true Lycanthropes were jaguars are more akin to shape shifters than the cursed lycan. These shifters do not carry an actual curse and so cannot inflict lycanthropy or shifting on to anyone else nor do they possess the hybrid form of the lycanthrope, though the often refer to it as such.
The were jaguars are the remnants of an ancient race that was wiped out centuries ago, leaving only a three blood lines carrying the magical shifting ability (See History). Even so, the blood line has become diluted and those left have lost much of the powers of their ancestors. Each child born to the Paymar family has only a 25% chance of having the shifting ability and only 1% has the full range of their powers. Most have reddish auburn hair and stunning green eyes. Those born with the shifting ability often have a single telling feature they can’t seem to get rid of, like silted pupils, whiskers or even a soft downy fur, many dress to hide these features. There was tell in ancient history that they could take the form of all or any cats from lions to house cats, even cat like creatures such as displacer beasts. But no one has been born with that level of power is generations.

Relations: As members of an ancient nobility they often find themselves embroiled in politics. They harbor a deep distrust of “western Provence” residents and out right hatred of western nobility, particularly the King.
Like Lycanthropes the were jaguar is controlled by the moon. Full moons beckon them into the wilderness to hunt for fresh food and mate. During a full moon a were jaguar must make a DC:12 Will save to resist changing into their animal form and hunting for food. If both moons are full at the same time the DC is raised to DC:16 See Calendar

Alignment: Most members of the family are CG but any alignment is allowed.

Were Jaguar Lands: Depending who you talk to the entire eastern Provence is theirs, but in reality the family owns many properties in and around Grennta, Nader, and Mat Jabar.

Religion: The Family doesn’t support any one religion over others but would never lower themselves to worshiping an western Provence god.

Language: The Paymars put a high significance on schooling and many can speak a multitude of languages, they stress the importance of diplomatic languages, however the only gain Common and Slyvan automatically, If they possess high intelligence they may also choose: Elven, Dwarven, Jerreta Common, Gah Common, Orc, Halfling, Gnome.

Names: There are no specific names used, however having an ancestors name is considered an honor. See Below

Adventures: The family members tend to adventure to raise fortunes to make political moves, or out of boredom from politics. Paymars make excellent sorcerers, rangers and rogues.

Uncursed Paymar Family member: (9 pt race)

  • Medium Humanoid
  • Speed 30’
  • Abilities: + 2 Dex, + 2 Cha, – 2 Con
  • low-light vision
  • Natural Armor + 1
  • Cats Luck (reroll reflex save)
  • Skill Training: Diplomacy and Bluff are always class skills
  • Skill Bonus: +2 Stealth and Climb
  • Favored Class: Sorcerer Lycanthrope Bloodline

Full WereJaguar Racial traits: (24 point race)

  • Medium monstrous humanoid (shape shifter)
  • Speed: 30’ (climb 20’)
  • Abilities Advanced Flexible: + 4 Dex, + 2 Cha
  • Dark vision: 60’
  • Improved natural armor: + 2
  • Moon touched: DR5/silver, weakness to silver
  • Cats Luck (reroll reflex save)
  • Camouflage: (forest/jungle) + 4 stealth
  • Climber: 20’ climb speed and + 8 racial bonus on climb checks
  • Shape change: (beast shape) single individual of the Jaguar race
  • Language: Common and Slyvan
  • Favored Class: Sorcerer Lycanthrope Bloodline



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