The Capital City (Metropolis), Population:100,000

History: Aerie has been the capital of the kingdom for 250 years ever since the Mauwti war when the old capital Ke Beta was destroyed. By far the largest city in the realm, Aerie sits on the top of the junction of the Taylen and Sallsan rivers on a massive wedge shaped cliff face some 100’ at its tip. There are 3 entrances into the city, two huge draw bridges, one over each river, that enter the city at the cliff levels with the surrounding land, and one in the northern wall for land bound travelers. The Kings white marble palace sits at the very peak of the cliff face and can be seen for miles around. Aerie is blessed with a double police force, Firstly the Kings men who are effectively the city guards and act as messengers for the king when necessary, and secondly the Silver Swords who are the Kings personal guards, they protect the palace, the king, and all his interests (whatever they might be). Entrance into the Kings men is open to pretty much anyone who wants to defend the city and can swing a sword, while entrance into the Silver Swords requires the applicant to be a Paladin dedicated to Osmat and you must be invited by another Silver Sword who is of higher level than you. Pay for the Kings men starts at 1GP per week, while starting Silver Swords receive 5GP per week, pay only increases with rank (level). It is not uncommon to see the kings mount, Ta’rrielion a Silver Dragon, cruising over the city.

Primary Imports and Exports: As the capital city the imports are primarily luxury items and food stuffs to support it (silks, jewelry, perfumes, fish, fruit, veggie, meats) There is also an excellent horse trade here, and quite a bit of lumber business as most lumber passes down the two rivers that border the city.

Racial breakdown:
Human: 75%
Elven: 10%
Dwarven: 5%
Halfling/ Gnome: 4%
Other: 1%

• The Gilded Griffin: Excellent/Expensive, Owner: Weejak Pealla (Halfling, Exp 23), 4 floors, 32 suites, luxury bathes in suite and “private” massages available from Estaella (½ elf, Cha:16, 25GP),A favorite of the the Silver Swords they can sometimes be found here catching up after a particularly long mission. While the kitchen can cook anything you request, Their specialties include: rack of lamb with mint and steamed veggies, Scallops in butter sauce over broad noodles with a bitter salad or roasted duck with a orange glaze and roasted rosemary potatoes. (5GP each)
• The Cocky Rocky: Good/Reasonable, Owner: Bayen Tobin (Human, Exp 19), 4 floors, 23 suites, attached bath house, gambling lounge, live entertainment, recently rebuilt due to an explosion tearing off its top level. A favorite of the Kings men, particularly since they offer kings men their “Kings Ale” for only 5CP (everyone else pays 1SP) Menu includes Slabs of roast beast with veggies or deep fried fish and potatoes.(1GP) or Chicken breasts in wine sauce over rice (2GP). The stage is regularly graced by Wyatt Ferris A stunningly bright star that has an exceptionally bright future.
• The Laughing Goblin: Excellent/Reasonable, Owner: Kippen Higer (Human, Warrior 9), 2 floors, 16 suites, in suite bathes, smoking lounge, drink special: Jabbacaba (white, brown and black layered shot that tastes like a strong chocolate and espresso followed by vanilla ice-cream… then the alcohol kicks in, in a searing wave of heat) (2GP) The Kitchen specializes in offering fare from around the entire kingdom, but common specials include: Filet minion with salad, Oysters on the half shell by the plate load, or for the adventurous deep fried squid with a garlic cream sauce.(1GP each)
• The Neat Beak:Good/Expensive, Owner: Yalas Regin (Human, Expert 11), 2 floors, 21 suites, harbor front, swimming deck w/ lifeguard on duty (drunks are not allowed to swim) for a dock side tavern this one is both clean and quiet, it mostly caters to the dignitaries who are passing through along the rivers. Menu includes poached ginger salmon on rice or deep fried shrimp with a marinara sauce on a bed of bow tie pasta. (3GP each)
• The Lost love: Fair/Cheap, Owner: Donal Benna (Elf, Expert 11), 3 floors, 30 suites, dock side, fortune teller Tuesdays with old madam Haggin (2Cp), a dirty dingy little place frequented mostly by the sailors, brawls are somewhat common and the furniture looks to have been repaired many times. Meals are limited to deep fried fish with a choice of scalloped potatoes or rice (1SP), the beer is a little watered down but plentiful and cheap.
• The Sirens Song: Good/ Reasonable, Owner: Bessa Keydar (Human, Bard 15), 2 floors, 18 suites, in suite bathes, stage, Bessa sings every night and always has her finger on the pulse of local politics, and for the price of a glass of wine she will fill your ears with all the juiciest gossip. Menu Includes Pork chops with apple sauce and salad, Stuffed turkey rolls with gravy and mashed potatoes (1GP), and when available Venison steaks with bean salad(2GP)
• The Boars Blood: Poor/ Reasonable, Owner: Hillas Grener (Human, Commoner 15), 2 floors, 10 suites, placed in the poorest district in town, it is not known for it food or service, it is however frequented by members of the silken hand. Guidian (F, halfling, Rogue9) has a private booth at the back where she fences stolen goods. Menu is limited to sausages and runny stews.(1GP)
• The Wharf: Good/Cheap, Owner: Sansas Hobert (Exp 11) 3 floors, 35 suites, smoking room, a sailors dive, good place to book passage on one of the many river barges. Often packed with people, this popular bar has only long common tables and benches to serve its clientele, The menu includes Spicy strip steak in a long roll and a side of cole slaw, hearty thick stews served in bread bowls or stuffed bell peppers. (1SP each) Drink Special: The Sailors Demise: a deep blue creamy blueberry liqueur layered under a clear raspberry liqueur (1GP)

Temples and Shrines:
Temples: Osmat,Lenndra, Belat, Ishmara,
Shrines: Kellan, Wantaras, Pellmar

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