The Planet Starholm’s rotational cycle consists of 380 days per year. A standard day lasts 27 hours. The sky is blessed with 2 moons, Lenndra’s Light, the larger of the two moons is bright white and runs through a rotational cycle consisting of 95 days, giving it 4 full moon phases each year, the full moons last 6 days before beginning to wane. The smaller moon, called Terey, has a slight bluish tint and runs through a rotational cycle of 20 Days, giving it 19 full moons in a year, each full moon lasts only 1 day.
Astrologers are aware of 4 other planets however outside of the followers of Pellmar, they are basically unknown to the populous.

The year begins at the festival of Omassen, held at midsummer when both moons are full. The Calendar is broken up into 19 months each with 20 days each with the small full moon as the marker between months. The months are called, Osmey, Lenndey, Mecak, Oliveny, Paten, Occeny, Marbar, Olendy, Hossy, Airia, Fenda, Peary, Jenta, Imbic, Enossa, Kilen, Machy, Greeb, and Litam.

Full Moons: The little moon, Terey, is full on the first day of each month, The larger moon, Lenndra’s Light, is full on the following dates Litam 19-20/Osmey 1-4, Paten 13-18, Airia 8-13 and Enossa 3-8

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