In Daytar Leamay there are 5 Types of coins commonly found in the kingdom.

The Crown: A standard Gold piece, bears the image of a crown on one side and King Harramany on the other. The Crown is an elongated octagonal shape.

The Blade: A standard Silver piece, this coin has the image of a sword with a sun behind it on one side and King Harramany on the other. The blade is a classic octagonal coin.

The Horse: A small round copper piece with the image of a horse on one side and a horse shoe on the other.

The Scepter: A solid Platinum cylinder with horseshoes decorating it. These are rare, but are the preferred currency of the Horselords.

The Hammer: This coin is rarely found outside of Hammerdrier but is very popular with the Dwarves. It is a thick piece of electrum with a Warhammer on one side and the image of the Dwarven King Jarren Goldsmith


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