Dimensional Master school


The dimensional master focus on movement spells like dimensional door and teleport. Dimensional masters who are 10th level or better meet monthly in a secret place called the Hall of mirrors, deep under the University Arcanum which has no doors or windows, only a bank of large mirrors to teleport through using Mirror Stride

Bonus Proficiency: Navigation tools

Dimensional hop: At 2nd level Dimensional Masters learn how to move through the material plane with ease. They can use an action to transfer themselves to any other spot within range similar to Dimension Door but in a much more limited distance (at first). At 2nd level you are able to hop 10’ every 2 levels after that you add another 10’ to your distance.
If you would arrive in a place already occupied by an object or a creature, you and any creature traveling with you each take 4d6 force damage, and the spell fails to teleport you. This ability can be used a number a time equal to your intelligence modifier, you gain an extra usage every 2 levels above 2nd, this ability refreshes with a long rest.
Example: Raylan the 6th level Dimensional master (Int 17) has 5 daily uses and can hop 30’

Dimensional dexterity: At 2nd level 1/day a Dimensional Master can make a reaction dimensional hop of 10’ any time they make a dexterity save roll. If this hop would not get them out of the damage area, they still take the damage as normal, if it gets them out of the damage area, they take no damage as if they had a rogue’s evasion. This counts against their daily uses of dimensional hop.

Dimensional toss: At 6th level A Dimensional Master can attempt to violently toss an opponent with a use of their dimensional hop. They must make a successful melee touch attack and the opponent is entitled to an intelligence save against your spell DC. If the Dimensional Master is successful, they toss the opponent “up” to the limit of their dimension hop range. They cannot try to hop someone into a solid object in order to cause damage, this simply fails and expends the usage, However they can hop them “up” in order to make them take falling damage or worse they can hop them over some other type of danger within range.

Dimensional Transposition: At 6th level a Dimensional Master can attempt to trade places with an ally. The ally must be willing to be transposed, be within their dimensional hop range and within line of sight. This is an action for the Dimensional Master but only a 5’ step for the transposed person and counts as 2 uses of their Dimensional Hop.
Astral or Ethereal hops: At 10th level a Dimensional Master can expend his daily allotment of hops to instead spend time in the astral or ethereal realm. Dimensional Masters can stay in the Astral or Ethereal planes for 1/min per level per expenditure of their Dimensional Hop. This hop is an action. When their time expires, they return to physical plane at the same point that they are currently inhabiting.

Planes hop: At 14th level a Dimensional Master can expend his daily allotment of hops to instead spend time in one of the inner elemental planes. Dimensional Masters can stay this plane for 1/round per level per expenditure of their Dimensional Hop. This is an action. When their time is expended, they return to the spot they left. You cannot have more than one planer hop in effect at a time. At 18th level Dimensional masters can make this an Outer planes hop.

Dimensional Master school

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