Western Grasslands :
The grand majority of the western kingdom is made up of gentle rolling hills and grasslands. These areas are primarily safe and often dotted with small towns and farmlands. The central part of the grasslands between Aerie, Kutzan, Keryes Grace and T’nari is the domain of the The Horselords who keep their wild herds of top notch horses grazing in that zone. Most of the dangers in this area is from the wild animals, dire animals and beasts, though it is not unheard of for some of the monstrous humanoids to make incursions into the grasslands looking for easy prey. Banditry along the kings road is almost non-existent as the road is patrolled by the Kingsmen and towns every days travel by horseback keep people from having to camp in the wilderness.

Eastern Grasslands:
Much like there neighbors, the eastern province’s grasslands are relatively safe, though there is definitely a higher chance to come across something truly dangerous in the wilds of the eastern province. The roads are not as often patrolled, nor as convenient as they are in the western province, and large tracks of undeveloped space still exist. The soil of the eastern province is much richer than its neighbor and their farms produce all the best. The valley that the Irranwa river runs through is well know as the best grape bearing region and many wineries have sprung up around Lillidale.

Mistyvale woods:
Square in the center of the western province is the Mistyvale woods. Split neatly in half by the Taylen river. These woods are highly populated by elf and human alike. These woods while more dangerous than the grasslands are still relatively safe for everyday travel. The city of Dreerford dominates the trade and politics of the region, however the druid town of Spiritholm also colors the population, filling it with druid, ranger and forest friends. While there are many types of wildlife to be found in mistyvale, the predominance of the elves and humans keeps all but the bravest of the fey and the monstrous humanoids at bay.

Liannaita forest:
On the northern edge of the eastern province is the historical home of the elves, Liannaita forest, and the city of Elfholm. With its truly massive trees, so much older than Mistyvale, it almost has a cathedral like feel. Here the elves, fey and other good forest folk live with little interference from their human cousins. Buried deep within this forest are some of the oldest secrets of the kingdom, and it is said that the elves themselves, with their strange magics, make the trees grow to their incredible proportions. Guarder over by the Elven Ranger Corp who protects the lives of inhabitants and travelers alike.

The Darkwoods:
On the south western corner of the kingdom lays a deep dark forest that no human dares to claim as their own territory. The darkwoods stretch out of the kingdom and into the badlands to the west and even into the very most northern edges of the kingdom of Jerrita. Here the trees and brush grows thick and dense, making it almost impassible but for the few game trails that lead into its depths. While no human would willingly call this place home, The Wanakanda and many tribes of goblin, orc and other humanoids not welcome in “polite” society find a rich and diverse home. It is a dark and dangerous place filled with monsters of all sorts, long forgotten magics and dangerous ancient ruins.

The High Desert:
If the Darkwoods have few humans the high desert has none at all, a barren wasteland of scrub, rock and sand that gives nothing to travelers and takes everything. Temperatures range from baking hot during the day and deadly frigid at night. Many wild and unforgiving things live out in the depth of the desert, but very few have bothered to risk its extremes to discover its treasures. Along the sandstone ridges and gullies at the edge of the mountains live the Puggii in meticulously carved caves that astound outsiders with their subtly and function.

The Steppes:
The northern most part of the kingdom is dominated by a glacier that runs deep into the western wastelands. This part of the kingdom is ruled not by the king or any of his emissaries but rather by 2 clans of barbarians, The Hammerfall and Dragonfall clans. A peace treaty keeps the clans where they are and protects the fair people of the kingdom. On the glacier the barbarians heard goats, they hunt huge and very dangerous beasts and they keep away from the snobby people of the kingdom. The Steppes themselves even in the hottest summer day are frigid and coated in ice and snow. The Taylan river begins its journey to the sea here, making a massive 250’ leap over the edge of the glacier in the tallest waterfall of the kingdom.

The Great Marsh:
West of T’nari and south of Kutzan the Drivan river splits into two. The land between them is an inhabitable stretch of swampy marshland known only as the great marsh. The land is saturated and only held together at all by the mass of plant life. Cypress, weeping willow, lilies, reeds and moss would make this place beautiful if it were not so very dangerous. Vile creatures of every ilk stalk the waters watching for unwary travelers. Ancient tales speak of a lost sunken city, but in recorded memory no-one has found it.

The Dragonback Mountains:
By far the single most dangerous place in the realm. If the creatures don’t get you a tragic fall or landslide very well might. Two paths through the mountains have been made as safe as possible, the Icereach and Ardendale passes (see below), however the crossing is still not for the faint of heart. Deep in the mountains the Dwarves enjoy their capital, Hammerdrier. While others, such as the Druggar, the Drow and worse, keep hidden deep within the cavernous kingdoms, far below the surface. Closer to the coast the Rayyl rookeries are built high in the cliffs where no human could reach.

Tropical Islands
Along the southern coast of the kingdom there are several tropical islands. The best known of these is the island of Letti ki, but there are many others that are mostly uninhabited. The small chain of islands known as Sallish, Owrsh, Heashha, Silan and Bullon are the home of the Marackets. All of these islands are warmed by a strong ocean current running from the west to the east from the coast of Jerrita to the south.

The King’s Road:
The kings road is a networked series of roads ordered by the king to be built and maintained for the good of the whole kingdom. Each section of the kings road is maintained by the mayor of the town on that section of road and patrolled faithfully by The Kingsmen. The towns along the kings road are supported and funded from the kings coffers and are expected to keep a certain level of order. Each town on the kings road is given a budget to provide for a small town guard and a maintenance crew to care for the road and the general upkeep of the town. The main inn of each town is also given a grant from the king to provide service to the public with clean safe places to stay whilst traveling along the kings road, they also to provide accommodations for the kings guardsmen. Any Kingsmen entering a granted Inn receives free room and board (though the room need not be the best, and drinks are your own problem) the inn keepers keep track of this and use the credits towards their taxes. Every town along the kings road has one, but only one grant is given to any town. In the cities Kingsmen are expected to stay at the garrison.
The Western Way: The Kings road on the western side of the kingdom to “The Western way” A long dangerous road through The Badlands that leads to Saymantia

Ice reach pass and Ardenvale pass:
While there are other ways through the mountains, these two passes have been made as safe as possible. Apx every days travel along the path a safe house has been built on the sides of the trails, in some places cut right into the mountain by dwarven engineers, each one of these safe houses has 4 bunk beds, a fire pit, a chest that magically produces fire wood, and in most cases a small stable. A map of the trail is engraved on the inside next to the door. it is made so that travelers can make a rubbing with parchment and some charcoal. None the less the crossings are steep and dangerous with many nasty creatures who prowl the trail looking for dinner.
Ice Reach Pass & Ardenvale Pass

The Cavernous Kingdoms :
Buried deep under the Dragonback Mountains lay hundreds of miles of cave systems, many of which join up. In these most foreboding of places, the Drow and Druggar and even worse have built their cities and made their homes, protected and safe from the residents of the light world. The entrances into the Cavernous Kingdoms are few and far between and are often highly guarded or at very least extremely physically challenging. The creatures who reside there are at least hardy if not out rightly dangerous.

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