Erikki Players Guild

It has been said that long, long ago before the foundation of the great city of Hammerdrier the dwarven clans were scattered and fighting among themselves, cruelty and vendetta were a way of life. The 4 largest clans had been fighting an unending war between themselves, it was a sad and destructive time.
One night the sky was split by a great line of fire that made a great thunderous roar. There was a great explosion just to the east of the mountains. Each one of the tribes sent their own parties of heroes to find out what happened. They all traveled for days only to discover massive destruction. A large chunk of the forest was destroyed, and many acres of grassland were on fire. In the center of it all stood a great standing stone of greenish obsidian. In order to reach the stone, the brave parties had to work together to overcome many obstacles. There was a ring of vicious vines that would tangle and strangle anyone getting close and there was a great trench of superheated mud that was so deep it would swallow a dwarf whole! When finally they all arrived at the center stone and laid their hands on it the all beheld an intense vision of the dwarven god Erikki. In a flash of light and a thunderous boom all who experienced the vision suddenly knew what they had to do. Erikki instructed them to return to their clans and create a lasting peace. This peace would lead to the foundation of the city Hammerdrier and the creation of the newest dwarven pastime, Erikki’s Tabel.

The guild
The guild is run by a single guild master, a staff of administrators and several bards. Each team has a head coach, 2-3 sub coaches, a medical attendant and between 40-50 players, 2-3 of which are Star level players. 20-30 of the players will be fully fledged players and 15-20 will be apprentices. Each team has its own very secluded living halls and practice courts. The entire guild land, except the arena, is off limits to spectators. The players and all the staff are strictly cut off for normal daily life and are not allowed to have any form of contact with the outside world.

Training and Levels: Dwarf Only
Classes: Any martial class
Backgrounds: Erikki’s Tabel Player.

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Erikki Players Guild

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