Large City, Population: 20,000

History: unlike most dwarven cities, Hammerdrier is not an under-mountain city. 2000 years ago the mountain they now call home erupted into a massive volcano. Despite this the dwarven tribes decided to build their city in the crater. Now the city thrives using aqueducts to bring in water and geothermal power to assist in their mining and daily living. The genius who engineered the city, Vennor Hardaxe, though not a member of the nobility is remembered as a legend and hero, on par to the former kings. Even the central tower is named after him
The city is constructed in a series of 5 concentric circles with a massive tower in its center, The Vennor Tower, and a 20’ wall around the rim of the crater. The concentric circles are split by 8 evenly spaced roads that lead from the rim of the crater to the center ring. Each of the segments of the divided circles are given over to a segment of the population as ruled over by their guilds. There are 2 gates into the city; the Travelers gate, on the southern edge of the rim and the Mountain gate on the north east edge of the rim. Another way into the city is to slide through the aqueduct on the western rim, but getting caught doing this will end you up in jail.
The upper level closest to the rim is given to the merchant guilds, the engineers, the temple and death guild, and the sports guild. The second level is reserved for mining and forging, the third level is for animals and craft guild, The fourth level, which has the richest soil, is given to farming and food production, and the final inner level is for the nobility and military. Within the city the Dwarves use the shadow of the tower crossing different segments to tell time.

Primary Imports and Exports: Gold, Silver, Mitheral, Platinum, Steel, Iron, Precious and semi-precious stones, and anything made from them. Dwarven craftsmanship is very distinctive with the use of sharp cornered knot work and chunky elements. Purchasing dwarven made armor, weapons or masterwork items is 15% below the list price. Selling gemstones here is just a bad idea as the gem brokers will only offer 25% of the list price due to the overwhelming supply.

Racial breakdown:
Human: 2%
Elven: 0%
Dwarven: 90%
Halfling/Gnome: 7%
Other: 1%

Inns: Only in the hospitality district

Thor’s Hammer: Good/Reasonable, Owner Bridget Goldman (Exp 4) 3 levels, 24 suites, lit with hanging “glow sticks” to give some light but not to much, bathes available. Live entertainment (Miss Bella sings rowdy drinking songs as well as other requests) Menu includes game meats (venison is common) and squash or turnip. Drink specials: Dwarven fire water (1Gp), cured over a forge for 5 years this stuff will strip the tarnish off any bit o’ metal. Tastes like turpentine and charcoal. (DC:10 Con save vs inebriation)
The Menner: Fair/Cheap, Owner Lanslet Hogmar (Rog3) 2 levels, 17 suites, this shady place is where most the lowlifes come for a drink. Its dirty and smeared with coal dust. Common room and gambling room in back, private booths, Menu includes: Sausages and sauerkraut or stroganoff and potatoes.
The Glitter room: Good/Pricy, Owner Seema Longdraught (Exp6) 3 levels, 20 luxury suites, well lit with continual flame spells. Below ground, this place was carved out of a pyrite deposit hence the walls, floor and ceiling shimmer with gold like flakes in the black marble. A large sun pyrite disk sits over the front entrance. Live entertainment with a large dancing floor in front of the stage spelled with fairy fires to make the dance floor sparkle and shimmer. The musicians often play the most nouveau hard core rock sounds. Menu includes poached salmon and greens or rack of lamb with petit potatoes.

Temples and Shrines:
Temples: Erikki
Shrines: Belat, Ishmara, Wantaras

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