History of the kingdom

While much of the history of Daytar Leamay is lost to the sands of time, what has been saved is almost always hidden is the elven libraries in Liannaita.

5248 years ago- The founding of Liannaita The very earliest records indicate that the first royal palace of the elven nobility was built in the tree grown by primal elven magics. At the time only the palace was fit into the tree, it took century’s of growth and adding on to make the city we know today. There are no records prior to this time period.

2291 years ago- In the elven libraries there are references made to a cataclysmic event, A massive eruption of “the Drier” deep in the mountains. It is said this eruption lasted for a week and covered the entire eastern side of the kingdom in a darkness that rained ash.

1986 years ago- The University Arcanum is founded in small seaside town called Teenark later renamed T’nari. The first classes were wizard only, and many talented sorcerers and warlocks were rejected. The University has kept excellent records of all past students and should be considered an excellent source of historical information regarding arcane lore beginning after this date.

1682 years ago- The founding of the city of Ke’beta. Located in the heart of the grasslands, both library’s indicate the rise of the first human King and the founding of his kingdom. Lord Jom Lepotic Reigned in Ke’beta for at least 45 years, however very few other records about Ke’beta exist, after its destruction.

1178 years ago- Keryes Grace a second human city is founded, this time by a council of horse lords. Placed on top of a plateau with only a single ramp built to the top, it is considered by many to be impregnable.

931 years ago- T’nari is founded to support the growth of the university. King Misunne Le Cotan invested in the first navy endeavors, building the ports and beginning trade with Jerrita the blossoming kingdom to the south.

872 years ago- Hammerdrier the dwarven nation gives up its clan based warfare and joins together in a new city built in a natural ring in the mountains. This is known as the beginning of the dwarven obsession with the game Erikki’s Tabel

855 years ago- Kutzan a small trading outpost along the Drivan River is given city title, many aristocrats protest claiming the outpost is to small, to dangerous and lacks the ability to grow. Never the less, the city prospered and while to this day keeps a frontier feeling, still manages to provide the comforts necessary to a good nights sleep. The city, having used up what dry land it had very quickly, proved to be quite resourceful and much of the city is built on piers and stilts.

722 years ago- Kobbitte initially founded by King Tere LeCotan II as a navy outpost, it quickly became the best place to build ships of all kinds, the boat builders guild founded just 10 years later. Wood harvested from the Mistyvale woods is floated down the Tallaz river by master log riders. and sold in the water to boat builders who processes the logs as they need. The town always smells of sawdust and tar.

689 years ago- Grenneta The first Human kingdom established in the eastern Provence. Grenneta was the Capital city of the Kingdom of Mauw for hundreds of years. Founded by Yima Paymar the first of the jaguar kings, his entire family bears at least some of the lycanthrope curse.

637 years ago- The Marackets race is discovered living off the coast on a small tropical island. Their simple tribe culture seems strangely out of place for living next to a sealed stone built star shaped tower. However they have progressed as a level of some unique culture. A member of the race is brought before the King. Wisely as they have nothing worth taking and no real threat the King decides to leave them to develop on their own, he declares their chain of islands off limits to colonization.

597 years ago- Dreerford is founded to end the fighting between the fey/elven folk and the humans over the usage of the forest resources. The city is built both along the ground and in the trees above through the use of many stairs, walkways and platforms. Loggers here are instructed to only log certain areas that are rotated and replanted so the forest is always rejuvenated.

547 yrs ago- War with Jerreta Dispute over trading rights and a breakdown of diplomacy results in a 3 year naval war with the southern kingdom. Finally creating peace through marriage and a lasting trade agreement which is honored to this day. Many brides have been traded back and forth between the nobility of the two kingdoms since the treaty has been in place.

429 yrs ago- Mat Jabar is founded after an envoy form the far eastern kingdom of Gah reached the shores of the Mauwian Republic and initiates trade with them. The city is built using exotic imported styles and materials to please the incoming merchants.

283 yrs ago- Lieafit Harramany Takes the throne in Ke’Beta by force. leading a bloody rebellion against the Le Cotan dynasty. Some say the violence was overkill, others think that true justice was done when the Le Cotan’s were dragged into the street and eviscerated before the crowds.

277 yrs ago- Notgam is founded by the Paymar family as a “summer vacation” home for the nobility, and to ease the over burdened Port of Mat Jabar from the incoming trade with Gah. Eastern influences are common but not as common as in Mat Jabar much of the city is built with white plaster walls.

269 yrs ago- Lieafit Harramany builds two huge forts at the most accessible passes through the mountains, Ice reach pass and Ardenvale pass. Hires Dwarven engineers and creates excellent diplomatic relations with dwarven council.

256 yrs ago- The mauwti war. An important moment in the nations history. what began as two kingdoms (Daytar Leamay and the Mauwian Republic) ended with only one. The war started over strained relations between and aging, and some say senile, Leiafit Harramany and a young and brash Bolac Paymar who demanded increasing tariff for sailing in their waters and cargo to and from Gah. Lieafit blockaded the mountain passes and set the navy to attack any Paymar ship crossing into their territory. At first the Paymars seemed to be successful, first sinking 2/3’s of the navy and then landing his army including a platoon of clerics and led them to Ke’beta. He used those clerics to transform the walls of the capital city into an incredible wave of mud and stone, whipping out most of the Resistance force before the army set to killing everyone and destroying the city.
But Lieafets revenge was brutal, he marched the army through the pass gaining the assistance of the dwarves and many platoons of dwarven warriors. They lay siege to Grenneta for a month, starved the populace, killed fishermen trying to feed their families, and when the city was wasted from want he sent assassins in to slay the Paymar family in their sleep, repeating the night he took the crown 27 years earlier. The slaughter did not end at the fall of the Mauwian Republic, but he ordered his assassins, the Crescent Hunter Guild to hunt down every living member of the family, and execute them, far and wide the Paymars were exterminated. only 3 members of the family are known to survive that night. Known to the decedents of the Paymars as “the purge”

257 yrs ago- Lieafit Harramany began to build a new capital after the war but would not live to see it complete two years later. His son Diamel Harramany takes the throne marries Queen Ollacin, a bride from Jeretta who is 1/2 celestial. A beautiful and ethereal thing, some say she was his inspiration and light.

254 yrs ago- Aerie is founded by Diamel Harramany with a gleaming white castle and great gardens to show his love for his beautiful bride. Perched atop a wedge shaped cliff at the confluence of the Taylen River and the Sallisan Rivers this city is the crown jewel of the nation. naturally, The Kingsmen were founded at the same time. He undertook many social improvement projects including building the Kings road.

228 yrs ago- Nader Seeing the wisdom in his fathers strategic and economic building projects, Diamel founds Nader to protect travelers along the western way from bandits and Orcish hordes. Establishing relations with the Kingdom of Saymantia to the east beyond The Badlands and paid the first bold caravans to create trade across The Badlands

188 yrs ago- Diamel Passes and his son Richard Harramany takes the throne at the young age 19.

180 yrs ago- Richard Harramany signs a formal trade and mutual defense treaty with Saymantia takes Queen Nesta of Saymantia as his bride.

175 yrs ago- The Albright Military Academy in Nader is founded to provide essential defense from growing threats from the Orcish hordes and the need to have professionally trained city guards.

165 yrs ago- The Trivale towns are incorporated into the kingdom and given self ruling tax paying status. Halflings confused by what this means but happy life will go on as normal.

127 yrs ago- The Ice Wars began when the barbarian Orcish hordes from The Badlands sac Nader. An Aging Richard Harramany cannot lead his Army to battle the hordes but his young, adventurous son, Patter is given command and leads the battles with tactical distinction. When finally he defeats the horde and they sign the Ice wars treaty he gives sovereign rulership to clans living on the Steppes. But also builds a series of small forts along the glacier edge.

112 yrs ago Richard passes (finally) and gives his son Patter Harramany the throne. He immediately marries Queen Issabella of Saymantia

96 yrs ago- The Ti’Dar Monastery Was founded by a monk from Gah with an incredible vision.

87 yrs ago- An Assassination attempt on King Patter fails but mistakenly kills his Queen. Less than a year later bowing under political pressure he marries Queen Manuko of Jeretta who promptly produces a second heir.

54 yrs ago- A “ secret society” develops into a thieves guild with great amount of political clout due mostly to its noble members.

46 yrs ago- Patter abdicates his crown to his son Ronald when his health fails him. Ronald proposes to Jazell Baden, only to be rejected for his bad-boy 1/2 brother, furious he exiles his brother and Jazell from his lands and forbids anyone to ever talk of his brother again.
Patter passes on several months later. Ronald founds The Silver Swords and installs his adventuring buddies into mayor-ships and other titled positions over the objections of older nobles.

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History of the kingdom

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