Horselord clans

It is generally believed that the Horselord clans were the first humans to live in Daytar Leamay and the original founders of Keryes Grace. Much like the American plains Indians they ride free of most social conventions and prefer a semi-nomadic life. There are 6 small clans that rule the grasslands, each clan has around 150 members. It’s well known throughout the entire kingdom that the horses sold by the Horselord clans are the finest animals, with the best training.
Members of the Horselord clans are raised around the animals they care for. All Horselords are considered proficient with riding animals. Most Horselords have levels in Ranger Tribal Rider, Fighter Whip Master, or Druid, but those with the sorcerers touch can take the Horse Whisperer Bloodline.
The Horselords worship their own deity, Goroden the representation of all good things in clan life, the fertility of the herds and the freedom of plains life. At the age of 14 all Horselord boys are expected to undergo manhood rites, which include the drinking of a highly hallucinogenic tea during a drum ceremony, and a 6-month exile from the clans during which time they must explore the world and decide what they want from their life. They are given a horse and enough gear and food to last them for a month after which they must fend for themselves. If they should return to their clan early the women chase them away with their brooms and sticks.
The Horselords are deeply xenophobic and consider “Orshhi” or non-clan members to be 2nd class people. They will deal with them, as they must daily, and happily take their gold, but they won’t trust one, nor is marrying one allowed. Those who wish to marry an outsider must leave the clan and their family for good.

Training and Levels Human only: The Horselords do not train those who are not clan members. Most Horselords are variant Humans with the Mounted combat feat


Whip master Fighter Style
Horse Whisperer Sorcerer Bloodline
Tribal Rider Ranger Archetype

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Horselord clans

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