A Note on Inns: The Listings for Inns in the Kingdom contain the following Information:
Name, Quality/Price, Owner, Size and Number of suites, specialties and particulars. Inns in towns may have the (KI) designation which means they are the official Kings inn along the Kings road.

Quality and Price are based on the following scale:


Excellent: The Chef has a high proficiency in cooking and can produce a range of specialties, including daily specials and gourmet selections. The bar has a large selection of bears, wines and liquors, many of which can only be purchased by the bottle. The Inn itself is kept in immaculate condition and the spacious rooms have large feather beds with fresh linens and are often offered with a complementary meal.

Good: the Chef has a medium proficiency in cooking and has a standard menu of local specialties and one or two extra special dishes available for top dollar. The bar has good selection of beers, wines and a few liquors, may have drink specials. The Inn itself is kept in a clean condition and the nice rooms have either straw or feather beds with fresh sheets and are often offered with a complementary meal.

Fair: The Chef has a proficiency in cooking and can produce most local foods with little trouble. The menu is limited and only offers what is available locally or is on the daily specials. The Bar has a selection of beer and wines but no liquors. The inn is kept reasonably clean (though sticky spots may be evident by the end of the evening) and the rooms have average sized straw beds with mostly clean sheets

Poor: The cook knows how to boil water (for the most part) and can produce a single staple meal for everyone, there is no menu or other options, the bar has 1 or 2 beers or wines but nothing imported or expensive. The floor is sticky the tables are bare wood and splintered, the air is smoky or smelly, the small rooms come with a pallet and a threadbare blanket

Horrible: The cook only produces nasty orc food or cooks with half rotten foods, The bar offers 1 selection of sour beer and the place looks like it hasn’t been cleaned since the last ice age. If the place even has rooms, rather than communal sleeping in the common room, they are barely more than closets with a pile of straw in the corner.


Expensive: Rooms 5-10Gp Per Night, Meal 3Gp (gourmet 5Gp), Drinks: Beer 1Gp, Wine 2Gp, Liquor 4Gp

Pricy: Rooms 3-10Gp Per Night, Meal 2Gp (gourmet 4Gp), Drinks: Beer 5Sp, Wine 1Gp, Liquor 4Gp

Reasonable: Rooms 1-5Gp Per Night, Meal 1Gp (gourmet 2Gp), Drinks: Beer 1Sp, Wine 1Gp, Liquor 2Gp

Inexpensive: Rooms 5Sp-2Gp Per Night, Meal 5Sp (gourmet 1Gp), Drinks: Beer 1Sp, Wine 1Gp, Liquor 2Gp

Cheap: Rooms 1Sp-1Gp Per Night, Meal 1Sp (gourmet 1Gp), Drinks: Beer 5Cp, Wine 5Sp, Liquor 1Gp

Very Cheap: Rooms 5Cp-1Sp Per Night, Meal 5Cp (gourmet 1Sp), Drinks: Beer 1Cp, Wine 1Sp, Liquor 1Gp

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