Personality Kanwan are notorious tricksters, they have a wicked sense of humor and are almost always laughing at something. They make merry at the drop of a hat and never stay angry for very long. They welcome challenges, to the point of being adrenaline junkies, often trying to outdo each other in risky stunts. Never dare a Kanwan to do something you don’t actually want him to do.

Physical Description: Kanwan are similar to centaurs as they are a fusion of a humanoid and a mountain goat. Their lower half is covered is course twisted hair, they have 4 legs with split hooves and a short blunt tail, their upper half is milky white to light brown skinned with white, red, tan, brown or black hair usually matching their lower half, Their eyes are Grey, golden or brown. Like elves they have long pointed ears, and their brows are adorned with thick curled horns. Kanwan can live a very long time (200+ years).

Relations: The Kanwan love everyone, but the feeling is often not mutual, they are often regarded as troublemakers and thieves.

Kanwan Lands: The Kanwan live in small family packs of 5-20 that protect and care for each other. The eldest Kanwan is always the leader regardless of gender. They live in the northern most stretches of the Dragonback mountains and the Steppes

Religion: Kanwan are free to take any faith they like so long as they meet the alignment requirements.

Language: Kanwan start with Common and Sylvan.

Names: Kanwan like to choose names that make others giggle and often add silly middle names throughout their lives.
Female names: Poon, Giggit, Papawan, Lucie, JJ
Male names: Cock, Rammer, Woodie, Biter, Jiggilo joe
Family names: Sotone, HIget, Korammer, Seeladio,

Adventurers: Kanwan are excellent adventurers and often tag along on dangerous missions just to have a bit of fun. Most Kanwan take up rogue, ranger or bard

Kanwan Racial Traits
• Medium Fey
• Ability score increase: + 3 Dexterity
• Age: Reach maturity by 20, live to 250
• Alignment: Kanwan are always Chaotic but vary on their ideals of good and evil.
• Size: Medium; They are 5’- 6’ tall and 3’- 4’ long, they weigh between 150-250 lbs.
• Darkvision 60’
• Speed: 40’ Climb 20’
• Quadruped: Kanwan always have advantage when grappling or during opposed strength checks.
• Mountain Mastery: Kanwan gain advantage on Strength and dexterity checks when in the Mountains, they are immune to altitude sickness, and can move through natural difficult terrain in the mountains at their normal speed.
• Fey magic resistance: Kanwan have advantage on saving throws against enchantments, charms or illusions.
• Thick skinned: Kanwan have a natural + 1 on their AC


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