Keryes Grace

Small City, Population: 11000

History: Keryes Grace is the oldest human town in the kingdom, its walls were constructed an age ago out of massive upright timbers, each post 5’ in diameter and 70’ tall. Its walls crown a natural plateau giving it a spectacular view of the surrounding grass lands. It is said that if one has exceptional vision on a clear day standing atop one of the 4 guard towers, Aerie can just be seen in the distance. Keryes Grace has only one entrance into the city, a long ramp that leads to the huge gate, no one has ever conquered this city, and very few would even bother trying. The Plateau is 250 feet almost straight up (though its quite climbable DC15)
Keryes Grace has long been the major trading post for the Horse Lords who live off the plains and herd all of the finest stallions bought by the King and the Silver Swords are purchased from these breeders. Horses however are not the only creatures that can be purchased here, many of the dealers will also carry riding dogs and more exotic stock if they can get their hands on it, particularly if it can be trained as a mount.
Lord Gressar is an old adventuring friend of the King and has 2 pet griffins he has raised from eggs. They are completely tame and are often seen flying over the city getting their daily exercise and feeding, they even occasionally perch over the city gates and watch the daily traffic. They both wear masterwork jewel studded leather collars (one in carnelian and one in moonstone) and if asked any resident can tell you their names are Sola and Luna.

Primary Imports and Exports: As the leading exporter of fine horses, Keryes Grace imports huge amounts of hay, grain, fine leather, and metal products. Keryes Grace is also known for its exceptional horse gear such as saddles, bags, bits, bridals, black smithing goods, barding, etc.

Racial breakdown:
Human: 75%
Elven: 10%
Dwarven: 5%
Halfling/Gnome: 8%
Other: 2%

• The Burning Bull: Excellent/inexpensive, Owner: Mati Lebret (Exp 17, ½ elf),4 levels, 29 suites, bathes, huge roast pit, mighty rowdy, always packed, right next to the gates, this hugely popular place is the most frequented by both the populous and travelers, there are always people looking for jobs or hiring here. The menu consists of pit roasted pig or hunches of beef served by friendly waitresses along with mashed potatoes or cream of corn, despite the simplicity of the menu the food is fantastic and the drinks are all first class.
• The Galloping Stallion: Good/cheap, Owner: Kery Hoster (Com 14), 3 levels, 24 suites, bathes, huge stables, quiet, next to the arena, a place frequented by vendors and the populous this place may not have the quality of the bull but it is a lot quieter and is a good place for those looking to study or relax. The menu includes rich beef and barley stew, smoked salmon on rye bread with corn or stuffed pork rolls and rice.
• The Slippery eel: Poor/Cheap, Owner: Kreegar Penat (Exp 3), 2 levels, 22 suites, nightly brawls, very seedy, hidden within the city this dive is frequented by the worst citizens in the city, rumor has it that there is a entrance into the dark arena in the basement and occasionally the black robes can be spied here. The smoky and dim interior makes the shady dealings all the more private. The menu is limited to greasy chicken with an olive and onion salad or boiled liver with a sour milk sauce and stale bread.
• The Unicorn: Good/Expensive, Owner Kiddar Mylaras (Exp 7) 3 levels, 31 suites, live music, bathes, smoking room, next to the arena. One of the most popular inns for the high end traders most of the clientele are rich and fat. The menu includes broiled stuffed pheasant with fresh veggies, teriyaki chicken with stir fried veggies (3GP) or upon request whole rabbit stuffed with apples and sunflower seeds with stewed tomatoes (5GP). Drink Special: The Horn, served in a small drinking horn this drink consists of a fermented milk and mint concoction (4GP)

Temples and Shrines:
Temples: Keara, Belat, Osmat
Shrines: Ishmara, Jakate, Lenndra, Filila

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Keryes Grace

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