Letti Ki


Letti Ki: Small port City, Population:11000

History: Letti Ki is a travel and vacation spot for rich nobles. There are regularly scheduled schooners that run between T’nari, Kobbitte and Letti Ki. Warm sun baked beaches, tropical forest and extremely friendly elven natives in grass skirts make for a luxurious time if you have enough gold. This is one of the only cities where PC’s might run into Maracket npc.

Primary imports and exports: tourists, and dinky souvenirs

Racial breakdown
Human: 25%
Elven: 60%
Dwarven: 1%
Halfling/Gnome: 4%
Other :10%

The Ocean view: Good/expensive, Owner Yimma Oladic (Elf) 3 levels, 22 suites, Common Dinning room and very expensive fancy romantic restaurant at the back, nightly luaus (pig, pineapples and dancing around a fake volcano included)
Privits Cove: Fair/reasonable, owner Patten Jika (½ elf) 2 levels, 18 suites, Sara the storyteller performs nightly, all the chairs are large wingback comfy chairs
The Golden mile: Good/Reasonable, Owner Damop Hisblank (elf) 3 levels, 20 suites, Gambling room, smoking lounge and all you can eat buffet
The Melancholy Roger: Excellent/reasonable, owner carl goldend (human) 3 levels, 25 suites, Dockside, this place is almost completely taken up by the sailors and is loud and rowdy, it would be a typical sailors bar in every way if it were not for the first class chef and service. Smoking lounge and “treasure shop” at the back.

Temples and shrines:
Temples: Osmat, Lenndra, Illannida & Genossa
Shrines: Terey, Kellan, Belat

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Letti Ki

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