The Marackets are a race that was created hundreds of years ago by a tinkering mage. While they resemble elves in many ways, but they were crossed with a small flightless waterfowl.

Personality: A peaceful race they are quite inquisitive and will go out of their way to find new and exciting things to do. they have a highly developed sense of humor and when comfortable will tell many jokes to pass the time. They are often perceived as being somewhat naive and gullible however this is more a matter of culture shock than real innocence. Their culture is only a few hundred years old, this creates a bit of over simplicity in their views on law and civilization. They tend to wear very little clothing unless in a cold climate as it tends to ruffle their feathers. They also use brightly colored mud-based paints on their feathers for festive occasions and courting. They are overly fond of bright shiny objects and love to collect coins, jewelry and other pretty bits. Their courtship rituals include the offering of shinny beach pebbles to the ladies in elaborate ceremonies.

Physical description: In appearance they are short humanoids (avg height 4’9’’m/ 4’7’’f) with a fine layer of slick black feathers that coats their entire body except for the bottoms of their feet, the palms of their hands and their lips. Unfortunately, this causes the occasional misidentification as a drow from a distance. Their skin is thin and translucent giving them a very, very pale complexion (what little that can be seen beneath the feathers) The also lack teeth as we think of them, instead under their lips is a hard-ridged red keratin protrusion similar to a beak, though this goes unseen unless they smile. they also have a thin clear membrane that can cover their eyes while they are swimming, this can also prove useful in cases where something is being blown into their eyes and provides some resistance to hypnotic type spells. their eyes tend to be blue, green, aqua or violet. They have only 3 fingers and a thumb with a webbing between the fingers that is nearly translucent. Marackets life span is somewhat longer than human’s but rather shorter than standard elves. Age of adulthood is considered around 35, middle age is around 90 and old age is close to 200, no maracket has yet managed to live past the age of 215. Their diet consists primarily of fish, rice, and various types of water plants.

Relations: So far only a few dozen Marackets have ventured to the mainland and they have been met with prejudice and hatred from the humans living there. They have only met a few halflings and have enjoyed their company, and the elves they met after getting over the fact that they resemble drows treat them with civility, however the marackets find them a bit stuck up. They have yet to encounter any dwarves.

Alignment: While Marackets are almost always some form of neutral, their culture tending to attempt to see the balance in all things, their choices between good, evil, law and chaos are looked on as personal form of expression. Most Marackets tend towards the good or chaotic side of neutral.

Maracket lands: They primarily live on a small group of islands East of Letti Ki, though they do occasionally visit the mainland and a few are known to live in T’nari and Kutzan. They enjoy the swampy regions and are occasionally employed as guides into the great marsh. Current estimates state that their population is close to 500 individuals, they have only one ruler who lives on the southernmost island. They are happiest living very close to water.

Religion: So far very few Marackets have joined any of the formal religions. A few have been noticed to be followers of Terey the Lost. There is a certain feeling of sharing with this divinity, a sense of comradely as Terey is known for his vanishing from the home of the gods. The Marackets own culture is new and they are having a hard time finding acceptance within the more established races. While there are no current myths concerning Terey and the Marackets this one particular deity is the only one that has gained a foothold in this culture.

Language: The Marackets speak Primordial (Aquan) and Common, but often try to learn other languages, particularly if there melodic and soothing sounding.

Names: Marackets names have been derived from descriptive words in Aquan and common and are often words that sound like the ocean. They hold a formal naming ceremony for a child at the age of 1 month old in which the parents present the child to the community.

Male names: Ogglie, Wooshie, Mashan, Popon, Yans, Igish
Female names: Lesesasa, Tamassy, Sennas, Errrisan, Ummyan,
Family names: Lammat, Horrag, Jaban, Yafal, Umadder, Oggarat, Hobam

Adventures: Marackets take up the adventuring life from an extreme curiosity about the world in general.

Marackets Racial Traits:
• Medium Humanoid
• Ability score increase: + 1 to intelligence and + 2 charisma
• Base speed 30’, Swim 30’
• Illusion Resistance: advantage on saving throws against hypnotic and illusion magic.
• Extended sight: While they can see three times the distance of humans in full daylight, they cannot see any better than a human in darkness or deep shadow
• Cold resistance: they take 1/2 damage from cold.
• Skill Proficiency: They have Athletics and stealth as skill proficiency’s
• Hold Breath: Marackets can hold their breath for 2 + con mod in minuets
• Weapon Familiarity: Primitive weapons Marakets Are proficient with all primitive weapons.
• Language: Primordial (Aquan) and common.


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