Nader: Small City, Population:7400

History: Nader is the westmost city in the kingdom and the last stop before entering the Badlands if one is headed towards the Kingdom of Saymantia. There are daily caravans that leave from Nader heading to Saymantia that are always looking for guards to help cover the extremely dangerous crossing through the Badlands. These caravans make up the majority of the trade that comes through the city and are charged major taxes at the gate to enter. Just inside the west gate is a large area dedicated to these caravans and their crews, including a large inn that has a posting board for information relating to caravan work. Historically this has always been a safe post however in the last 30 years its decline has caused some to wonder if it could withstand a barbarian attack (or any other type of attack for that matter) The primary problem has been the crime (most of which is perpetrated by one of the many gangs on the secret payroll of the mayor to spread terror) which the Mayor has been “trying” to crack down on, making mass arrests and using harsh sentences for minor crimes while allowing larger criminals to slip through his grasp repeatedly (sneaky bastards)

Primary Imports and Exports: Almost everything that is traded passes through here at some point, their primary export is the fine warriors trained at the Albright academy.

Racial breakdown:
Other: 20% (mostly ½ Orc)

The Violet Unicorn: Good/Inexpensive, Owner: Jazzek Hopemi (Human Exp ?) 3 Floors, 1 large dinning room, 45 suites (5 with 2 bunk beds), attached theater (2Sp per show) very large stables with storage capacity for 30 horses and 20 wagons, locking chests in every room, Specializes in serving the caravans, some discount rooms are available with bunk beds for smaller parties (max 4 per room). Discounts for large parties 6+, located next to the western city gate and across from the bizarre for easy access to all the vendors wares
Toads Bottom: Excellent/Reasonable, Owner Gaccis Spearcatcher (½ Elf Art ?) 1 Floor, 8 Suites, Very quiet and practically unknown except by the locals it has a small water fall fountain and large fireplace in the common room and is a favorite of local wizards and monks who prefer a quiet meal and reading over the rambunctiousness of a bar. Contains a shrine to Lenndra in the back, located next to a book/scroll store
The Quagmire: Poor/Very Cheap, Owner Lance Goball (Human Slease5) 2 Floors, 15 Suites, Wenches are all “working” girls (2-10Gp, Cha’s 7-12), Late night strip tease show, VIP smoking lounge, very sticky floors (better not to ask), located in a back alley Quagmire’s is rude cheap and dirty in every conceivable way.

Temples and shrines
Temples: Wantaras, Ishmara, Belat,
Shrines to: Lenndra, Kellan, Tamama, Hobin

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