New classes

Barbarians: Barbarians can be from one of the 2 Barbarian Clans who live in The Steppes or from the Gorish clans in the Dark forest. They have 4 choices of path:

Path of Dragonfall Clan: Dragonfall clan uses the Path of Totem Warrior (PHB)
Path of Hammerfall Clan: Hammerfall clan uses the Path of the Berserker (PHB)
Path of the Darksun: Followers from both Steppes tribes who worship Leanta Darksun
Path of Gorish Clan: Dwellers of the dark forest they dominate lesser species.

Rich bards can take training at Gissalar Musical Academy, others can be a member of Caravans or just a wandering minstrel.
Gissalar College, Caravan College

There are many churches all over the kingdom with a huge variety of beliefs. While the provinces have been one kingdom for hundreds of years, there is a distinct difference in the eastern vs western pantheons. Domains & Religion

There are 12 Druid circles dotted around Daytar Leamay, each one teaches a separate type of magic and focuses on different powers of nature. Druid circles

While there are dozens of avenues for training for warriors and fighters the premier school for combat training is Albright Military Academy. Likewise the Horselords train their warriors with dual wielding whips often while mounted.
Albright advantage, Whip master

Monks can receive training at any temple of Kellan or The Ti’Dar Monastery in one of 6 styles:
Bell Style, Waterfall style, Tree style, Scorch style, Boulder style, Yin Yang Style

Most paladins in the kingdom worship Osmat, most take the Oath of the Silver Sword and often purchase their steeds from The Horselord Clans. Likewise Anti-paladins worship Leanta Darksun and take the Oath of the Darksun. The Dwarves have also trained a paladin corps known as The Sons of Erikki whos job it is to defend the peace of Hammerdrier.

Rangers vary widely as far as their backgrounds and training are concerned. Most rangers receive their initial training from tutors, family members or specialized tutoring groups. They often work closely with The Elven Ranger Corp or The Druid Council as their goals are often in alignment. Others work with The Red Boars Guild or the Crescent Hunter Guild. In Kutzan there are Amazons trained by the mayor, Mistress Kyera. Across the western Plains the Horselords train their children to be tribal riders.
Ranger Corp Archetype, Bounty Hunter Archetype, Amazon Archetype, Tribal Rider Archetype

While rogues are common and they are not required to be a member of a guild. The Brutes, pick pockets, and cat buglers tend to work for the Silken Hands, while the drug runners, assassins and worse often are employed by the Black Specters. Those living in the eastern province are freelance or members of the secretive Boxin Clan, or in Mat Jabar a very small clan of Ninjas have established themselves, called Fugu Clan- Finally a special group exists in the Dwarven city of Hammerdrier for those willing to risk total darkness, the Shadow Breath.
Silken Hand Archetype, Black Spector Archetype, Boxin clan Archetype, Fugu Clan Archetype, Shadow Breath Archetype

Sorcerers can receive training from private tutors or at the University Arcanum. The sages at the university have discovered not only a number of new Sorcerer bloodlines, but some that trace their lineage to the most ancient blood of humankind.
Avaian Bloodline, Arachnid Bloodline, Beastkin Bloodline, Crafter Bloodline, Lycan Bloodline,
Human ONLY: Noble Bloodline, Hominid Bloodline, Horse Whisperer Bloodline

Wizards are most often trained by The University Arcanum or one of their graduates taking students. Though the Rayyl have their own rookeries full of learning..
Astrologer school, Dimensional Master school, Dueling School, Mephit keeper school, Seal Master school, Weather sage school

Hiding in the deep wilds, on the glacier, and among the various tribes, warlocks rarely need training from anyone other than their patron.
Alchemist, Bone Brother, Cannibal, Headhunter, Life leech, Swamp witch, Snow walker, Twin moon sisters

Often referred to as voices, the Metatrons are Orators, evangelists and artists touched by the divine. They cannot help expressing themselves through art, song, or ritual drama what divinity has lit up in their soul. They preach to their flocks with the passions of a madman and are often deeply misunderstood or considered crazy.

At the Albright Military Academy a small but dedicated sub school has sprung up dedicated to boxing, the Pugilist. Unlike the monks of Kellan who dedicate themselves to harmony and balance, the pugilist focuses only on the fine art of beating their opponents black and blue with their bear fists.

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New classes

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