New tool kits

Artisan tools: Seal makers kit: A block of wax, a small pot to melt it, a basic mold and carving tools Cost 8Gp

Artisan tools: Alchemists kit: 10-12 base elements in a small satchel, 6 test tubes, 6 beakers and other needed chemistry tools. Cost 22 Gp

Astrologers tools: A spyglass, maps and star charts of the night sky, rulers, compass and small note book, stubby charcoal pencil much like navigators tools, they can be used to navigate and map. Cost 25Gp

Harmonic mercury “rogues” Kit: A collection of small tool molds, a vial of harmonic mercury and a tuning fork. They also come with a small block of soft wax to make key copies or other molds on the fly. + 2 to picking locks or disabling traps (with disadvantage on stealth) Cost: 250 Gp

Tinkers kit: A collection of small tools including; spammers, wrenches, hammer, pegs, straps, cogs various lengths of wire and doweling (max length 1’) Cost 15Gp

New tool kits

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