New Weapons

Exotic Weapons:
Bola Only available to the Amazons: The bola is a weighted thrown weapon meant to knock opponents prone.

Bola 2 Sp 1 point bludgeoning damage 1 lbs Thrown, *Special

Special: A successful hit results in the target falling prone unless they make a dexterity save vs (DC 8 + proficiency + dex mod)

Elven leaf bow: The elves create long bows that are particularly wide and shaped like leaves, these bows, while they have the same statistics as a long bow, also acts as a small shield, giving a +1 to the wielders AC so long as they are wielding the bow.

Elven leaf bow 50 gp 1d8 piercing 2 lbs Ammunition, Heavy, (Range 150/600), Two-Handed, +1 AC when wielded.

New Weapons

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