Notgam.pngSmall City, Population:10,000

History: Set up only 300 years ago as a trade city to expedite the ease of ships bringing eastern goods into Daytar Lemay. The town itself seems like a pleasant and clean place with nicely whitewashed walls on most the building and an open and airy layout that allows easy movement throughout the city. Many places have bamboo shutters and door frames showing the eastern influences that pervade the whole place. Bamboo wind chimes are common as are long eastern style rice paper paintings. Many of the residents, particularly nobles, have taken up the fashion of palling their faces, using eyeliner and bright red lip gloss in an oriental style. This place would be out rightly pretty if it weren’t for the hollow scared look in every ones eyes and the presence of the Nails who will brutalize anyone for sport. The center of the city is a surprising sight a large cobblestone square with elegant greenery surrounding it and a large wooden platform in the center that has been soaked with blood and tar, that no-one seems to want to go anywhere near. On the first day of the weeks when the public “exhibition of justice” is held there are shish kabob and wine sellers pass through the crowd hawking their wares. Lennhis can been seen in his elegant litter off to the right of the platform eating grapes and drinking wine while the convicts receive their punishment.

Primary Imports and Exports: There are several wine makers withing the city who import massive amounts of grapes, barrels and wine jugs/skins. There is also a large amount of goods coming from the oriental kingdom to the east that passes through here. This is one of the few places besides Mat Jabar that people can purchase more exotic eastern items such as the katana, kawanaga, war fan or Ashigaru Armor. Silk is immensely popular amongst the merchants and aristocrats and is often worn in a blend of eastern and western styles.

Racial breakdown:
Human: 85% (5% are of oriental decent, 45% Paymar kin)
Elven: 7%
Dwarven: 2%
Halfling/Gnome: 3%
Other : 3%

• The Drake: Good/Pricy, Owner: Laren Passil (Human) 3 story, 20 suites, bathes, Very large suites, live entertainment, everything here including the mugs, the furniture, even the owner, has dragons or wyverns carved or painted on them. The fireplace is framed by 2 massive rampant dragons holding up a massive slab of marble for the mantle between them. Menu includes pit roasted suckling pig and steamed veggies, Drink special: Fire breath (2Gp) a 50-50 shot of whiskey and tabasco sauce, not a drink for the faint of heart!
• Lisys Heart: Excellent/Pricy, Owner Cogwell Orwen (Human Ranger) 2 story, 14 suites, private boothes, VIP smoking lounge, Built in honor of Cogwell’s deceased wife 13 years ago this place stands as a memorial to her. She died in on of the many uprisings in the city trying to wrest power from Lennhis, she was executed as a traitor. Her portrait sit proudly over the mantel and this bar is known as a place of quiet undercurrents for the somewhat sad resistance force that chooses to attempt to make their lives better. Menu includes Lisys’s Plate: a ground beef patty over a thick slab of sourdough bread covered in gravy and cheese served with corn and peas, or pulled pork sandwiches and potato salad. Drink special: Traitors tears: (2GP) Dark cherry liquor over ice.
• The Gong Chow: Fair/Reasonable, Owner Pad Wain (Oriental human Exp) Live entertainment, oriental theme decor, Smoking room, the entertainment are “geishas” they wear the traditional costumes play the biwa (a plucked lute) and dance with fans. The smoking room is tolerant of unusual pipe blends including the use of oni weed Menu includes stir frys (chicken, beef or bbq’ed pork) spring rolls and rice. Drink special: Saki (1GP) a sweet rice wine imported from the orient.

Temples and shrines:
Temples: Hobin, Ishmara, Lenndra, Filila
Shrines: Kellan, Keara, Tamama

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