Primitive Equipment

Primitive Items: Only available to Coastal elves, The Maracket and Hominid Bloodline Sorcerers.

Atlatl spear An Atlatl an early version of a bow, instead of using a string, they use a launch platform for long darts similar to javelins. The extra boost given by the platform extends the range far beyond what a normal spear or javelin could do.

Cost: 2Gp/ 1Gp per 10 darts, Dam 1d8 Weight 1lbs Properties: Thrown (80/240), Ammunition

Flint dagger Similar to normal daggers except they are made from flint or obsidian. Critical hits with a flint dagger have a 10% chance to shatter the blade tripling the damage but destroying the blade.

Cost 1Gp Dam 1d3 piercing weight 1lbs Properties: Light, finesse, fragile*
  • Fragile: has a 10% chance to shatter each critical hit

Toothed fishing spear: The Toothed fishing spear is rarely used in combat, however its ability to grab arms, legs and smaller creatures makes it desirable for defense. When a successful hit is made with this spear an opposed grapple check is made, if successful the teeth of the spear sink in and is restrained. removing the spear is an action that deals a further 1 pt of damage.

Cost 1Gp Dam 1d4 piercing, Weight 3lbs Properties: Thrown (20/60), Special*
  • The toothed fishing spear is used to grapple opponents

Toothed Pick: These primitive picks are mostly used to move earth, but still able to be used in combat. They are built of Large tooth’s, antlers or bones attached with sinew.

Cost 2Gp Dam 1d6 piercing Weight 5lbs Properties: Heavy

Obsidian Club:

By far the most fearsome of the primitive weapons is the Obsidian club, a massive piece of hardwood embedded with sharp chunks of obsidian which are intended to shatter and leave pieces in the wounds. Obsidian clubs require upkeep of 1 Gp of obsidian after each fight or they lose the extra slashing damage dice.

Cost 5Gp Dam 1d6 bludgeoning and 1d3 slashing Weight 4lbs Properties: 2 handed

Primitive Equipment

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