The Puggii are an ancient race from the northern most tip of the High desert, squished between the desert and the Dragonback mountains among the red sandstone cliffs and gullies. As a small canine race, they tend to keep to their humble villages which are built into the sides of cliffs and the comfort of the pack. They have a long history of hunting rodents and small game and have a dedicated warrior caste that protects their villages.

Personality: By nature, they are fiercely loyal and dedicated; they are also prone to small man syndrome and often get themselves in trouble by being overly defensive. Those they choose to call friend can rely on them till the end of time, those that have made themselves a Puggii enemy can rely on a swift gnawing death. When they have chosen to dedicate themselves to a master, they are the both fiercely loyal and vicious to those who would impinge the honor of their master.

Physical description: A small race they are only 2 ½’ to 3‘ tall and tend to weigh 30 and 50 lbs. they are coated with a soft duff colored fur except around the eyes, nose and mouth which are black. They face is covered in soft wrinkles that often makes their facial expressions comical even when their trying to be serious. They have green or brown eyes, short flopped over black ears, a stubby little tail and sharp little teeth, however it is considered barbaric, feral behavior to lower oneself to biting.
Puggi are a short lived race rarely living beyond 20 yrs old, and are considered fully grown adults by the age of 2, and have reached middle age by 8, most only live to about 15 but some Puggii elders have lived to the ripe old age of 20.

Relations: most Puggii are generally friendly to most humanoid races unless they have been crossed, preferring to give everyone the benefit of the doubt unless they have good reason.

Alignment: Most Puggii tend strongly to the Lawful side of things, preferring order and balance and finding chaos distasteful. Their dwellings are often the epitome of balance and simplicity. They tend to have a black and white view of the world and once someone crosses the line with then they never forget or forgive until their honor is satisfied.

Puggii lands: The puggii live in small communities of 50-200 members. Their villages are lovingly carved out of the soft red and orange sandstone that forms a maze of cliffs and gullies between the desert and the mountains. Since little grows here and there is little strategic value to their homelands the nobility of Daytar Leamay pay them little to no attention.

Religion: the puggii worship a goddess called Megami the lady of great rodent hunting and protectress of puppies. They offer her the tails of the rats they eat.

Language: The Puggii have developed their own language based on yips and barks but many learn common and other more exotic languages, however they have problems pronouncing “s” sounds as it makes them spit and sneeze. But they have a natural affinity to distinguishing sounds and often take it as a matter of honor to learn other people’s language.

Names: Puggii have three names, their last name is handed down from their father’s linage. Their litter names are given to them by their mother before they are born and are shared by all the puppies born to each litter, due to their cutesy nature are often regarded as an extremely personal nick name for family only. Their given name is bestowed on them by their family priest or shaman once they are 3 moons old and open their eyes.

Male names: Ukka, yuri, noba, gred,
Female names: Yayi, oda, yabbi, grann,
Litter names: growler, furface, flopear, yippie,
Family names: Moonpaw, Blackpad, Ratcatcher, Greyfur

Adventures: Many Puggii feel so strongly about their beliefs that they become clerics, druids and paladins.

Puggii Racial Traits:
• Small Humanoid
• + 2 to dexterity and + 1 wisdom
• Speed 20’,
• Sprinter: Puggii gain a +10 foot racial bonus to their speed when using the dash or disengage actions as long as they drop to all 4’s and run like a “beast”
• Bite: Puggii have a 1d4 bite attack but using it is considered feral behavior
• Colorblind and Darkvision: Puggii cannot see colors however they can see in darkness up to 60’.
• Skill proficiency: intimidate, they might be small, but they are good at standing their ground and growling down opponents twice their size.
• Skill proficiency: survival (desert); The puggii’s homelands prepare them for living off lands that have almost no vegetation. Much of the Puggi diet consists of rats, small animals, snakes, and occasionally insects. They have little problem eating whatever they find.
• Craftsman: Puggii gain proficiency with artisan tools (mason tools) the Puggii have many incredible and outrageously talented artists that carve their homes from the sandstone cliffs
• Desert-Born: Puggii advantage an Acrobatics checks made to cross narrow ledges and on constitution saving throws against heat fatigue and dehydration.
• Fearless: have advantage on saving throws against fear effects.
• Heightened hearing: they are particularly good at hearing the skittering of rodents and subtle differences in languages. Many Puggii are talented at picking out slight accents and subtle speech patterns. They add double their proficiency bonus to wisdom (perception) checks and passive perception checks directly related to hearing.
• Automatic languages: Puggii and common and one other chosen language.


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