Race Population % # towns/ cities controlled by race
Human 45% 35
Elf-kin 20% 8
Orc-kin 17% 2
Dwarf 8% 2
Halfling 2% 3
Gnome 1% 2
Puggii 1% 2
Rayyll 1% 3
Kanwan >1% 1
Maracket >1% 3
Wanakanda >1% 0
other races 2% 1

New races

Kanwan A goat centaur with long ears, horns and wicked senses of humor

Maracket Similar looking to elves except for the covering of black feathers, primitive people.

Puggii Small anthro-canine that look like pugs, loyal and pack oriented

Rayyl The descendants of an awakened owl companion, they are powerful with arcane magic.

Wanakanda A bear like race that can change their size, laid back and cool.

Paymar kin The distant descendants of a race of were-jaguar they still have some small fraction of their ancestors power.

Classic races/ Sub-races
Humans: The most populous of the races, 45% of intelligent humanoids in Daytar Leamay are Human. Humans come in a range of skin tones, from milky white to yellow, brown and dark brown. There are many tribes of humans who have lived here for centuries growing together and intermixing.
• The Horselords: The eldest of the tribal groups they live in the central western grasslands. They are a rust brown skin and black-haired people who hold tribal life above all else. They are exclusive and refuse to accept marriages from outsiders, those who leave the tribe don’t come back. Many Horselords use the rules for variant human and take Mounted Expertise as their starting feat.
• The Le Cotan Clans: Found mostly along the southern coast, they are excellent sailors and fishermen. They have ruddy skin with wide noses and brown hair, given to wearing thick beards and bushy eyebrows.
• The Harramany clans: Originally from the northern and western areas they have settled much of the western kingdom. The current king is a Harramany. They tend to be tall, light skin and hair and blue or green eyes.
• The Paymar clans: The primary “human” presence in the eastern province, human is used loosely here as the line get its name from a Royal family of werejaguars. The bloodline was so diluted by breading with humans almost none of the original traits are left. Most easterners are red or auburn haired with moody shifting hazel or gray eyes. Some have a single decorative catlike trait such as silted pupils or tufts of hair on their ears.
Kingdom of Jerrita: A Kingdom to the south west below the dark forest. An Arabian land, its people are olive or brown skinned and dark haired. They are given to wearing lots of silk.
Kingdom of Gah: A kingdom far to the east across the sea. Based on the Orient, Gah’s people are yellow skinned with dark hair and slanted eyes.

Elf: The second most common race and 1/2 race. Elves are on the tall side (5’6" – 6’8") but tend to be willowy and thin. The high elves are often pale white with a hint of yellow, blue or pink (occasionally green), though sand and chocolate skin tones more likely in wood elves. Their eyes are gem toned and slanted and their ears are sharply pointed. Their hair is golden, silver, wood toned or black.
Liannaita Elves are High elves and gain the same bonuses, they also gain proficiency with the elven leaf bow.
Mistyvale Elves are Wood elves and gain the same bonuses.
Coastal Elf: Born on the shores of the ocean often residing in and around Letti Ki. The sea calls your name and the rhythms and tides are deep in your blood. Coastal elves often have blue or green hints in their skin tone.
Ability score increase: + 1 Charisma
Primitive weapon training: Coastal elves are proficient with primitive weapons
Tool proficiency: Vehicle (water craft)
Swim Speed: Coastal elves can swim 30’

Dwarf: It is often commented that it is impossible, without being rude, to discover if the dwarf you are taking with is male or female as they both have great bellies and braided beards. Dwarven skin is ruddy and thick. Their eyes are brown or green and their hair is red, brown or black.
The Dwarven city of Hammerdrier is a marvel of engineering worthy of a visit, they have Mountain Dwarves, Hill Dwarves and City Dwarves all living together in harmony. They have a sports entertainment called Erikki’s Tabel a dangerous form of football, and a rich religious life with the worship of Erikki as a central component to much of daily life. They relax in their city guarded by the Sons of Erikki who are sworn to defend them on to death.
City Dwarf: Those born and raised in the super-city of Hammerdrier live under the light of the sun and work to achieve amazing feats of engineering. They spend their days off enjoying a good game of Erikkis tabel
Ability score increase: + 1 intelligence
Tool proficiency: Tinkers tools
Dwarven engineering: Whenever you make an Intelligence (History) check related to the origin of engineering, construction or building and their weak points, you are considered proficient in the History skill and add double your proficiency bonus to the check, instead of your normal proficiency bonus.

Halflings: Tucked away in the Trivale towns it’s easy to overlook the halflings (cuz their so short!). Their skin is milky white, their eyes are green, blue or orange and their hair is blond, brown or black and their ears are slightly pointed. The trivale towns have Lightfoot, Stout and Blackbriar halflings
Blackbriar Halfling: Are closer to the fey side of the Halfling family and they are often gifted in magic. As their name suggests they have unmanageable stark black tangled mops for hair and wide bright eyes.
Ability score increase: + 1 charisma
A twinkle of magic: At 1st level Blackbriar Halflings can choose one sorcerer cantrip that they can cast at will. They use charisma to cast this cantrip even if they normally cast with a different stat.

Gnomes While gnomes are rather rare, they do occasionally leave their comfortable tiny homes for the adventuring life. Their skin is pale with tones of orange, particularly when they tan. Their eyes are jeweled toned like elves but their hair can come in a variety of bright colors that seem to defy nature; red, green, blue, purple, orange, yellow.
• All gnomes in Daytar Leamay are forest gnomes, most live in Yannes.

Orc and 1/2 Orc While few full blooded orcs live inside the kingdom, preferring to stay in the Dark forest, the Badlands and The Steppes, their spawn are strangely common in the nation. Their skin tones tend to green, olive or brown. They have brown or black eyes and black hair. They have pronounced lower canine teeth and pointed ears. They often smell bad as well but that may be from lack of bathing.
Dragonfall barbarian clan are skilled hunters and live “at peace” with the peoples of Daytar Leamay. They are industrious and better skilled than their less civilized kin. Dragonfall clan has far more human and 1/2 Orcs than Hammerfall.
Hammerfall barbarian clan are combative, aggressive and gold hungry. They are the more violent and bloodthirsty of the tribes. They often attack travelers along the western way in The Badlands.
Gorish Clan care little of the land of men and prefer the depths of The Dark Forest and subjugating the goblins and other lesser creatures that live there.

Other Races Many other races exist around Daytar Leamay; Goblin-kin, Assimar, Tiefling, Genasi, Dragonborn, Drow, Druggar, Centaur, Half- anything, and many others. However, legally these people’s “personhood” must be established under the law by a Justiciar and papers drawn to prove so. They are not assumed to have the rights of other races without these official documents.

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