Personality: The Rayyl are a secluded and reclusive race, given to being intellectually snobby and tend to consider themselves superior to “land dwelling” races. They hold their ancestry to be sacred and the closer they are to Way Lun, the first bird or his mate Seya Lun the purer your blood line is. The Rayyl are gifted with magic and their rookeries often contain huge libraries of scrolls. The first Rayyl was a great horned owl who was awakened by his Druid companion and in many ways the Rayyl are still very close their animal past, in other ways the magic that created them is unstable and occasionally births both unintelligent throwbacks and Paragons.

Physical Description: They are between three and four and half feet tall, they are coated in feathers which range from white to dark brown and have large eyebrow feathers. Having wings, the Rayyl lack arms and hands in the traditional sense, rather they use their very dexterous feet to manipulate the world around them. A Rayyl’s wing span is always twice their height, the average weight between 20-35 lbs. They are also able to swivel their heads to look behind themselves with their overly large round eyes, which range in color from yellow to green and occasionally orange with a reflective shine. Rayyl are nocturnal and suffer terribly when awoken during light hours. Rayyl have long lifespans and live to be around 300 yrs old, a Rayyl is considered an adult after year 5 when their baby down molts and their adult plumage comes in.

Relations: The Rayyl deeply distrust other races, particularity those who are land bound. They rarely stray from their rookeries deep in the southern coastal area of the Dragonback Mountains, however they have managed to create a trade agreement and civil relations with the dwarven nation and often trade gems and scrolls for metal and forged items.

Alignment: Most Rayyl tend heavily towards the lawful side of the alignment scale, but all alignments are possible.

Rayyl lands: The Rayyl live in the Dragonback mountains South of Ardenvale pass. Many of their rookeries are within a short flight to the ocean where they fish and search for gems exposed by erosion. The Rayyl rookeries are carved into the soft lime stone cliffs common in the southern portion of the mountains and are often inaccessible by land. They proudly boast “Rayyl only” schools of magic and sorcery, as well as other institutes of learning. Each of the Rookeries has its own specialty school of one type or another.

Religion: The Rayyl pay homage to Heaybara and Mayssa as their ancestor was awakened by a druid of Mayssa. However, the practice is not wide spread as most Rayyl are given to arcane magic rather than the divine. Most who do follow Heaybara and Mayssa become Druids.

Language: The Rayyl learn “Rayyl”, Common and Primordial (Auran) automatically, but are given to knowing many languages. Their written language looks like a bunch of scratches on a line

Names: Rayyl names tend to be short only a single syllable, most have a distinctly oriental sound to them.
Male names: Chi, Pow, Fon, Sik, Qui
Female names: Lea, Fay, Vesa, Tri, Seya
Family names: Lun, Mik, Ord, Paz, Rem, Kot

Adventures: Few and far between are those who leave the comfort of the rookeries, however when one does, they make formidable opponents, wielding unexpected combat abilities and magic.
However, Rayyl cannot use normal weapons, armor or gear and must have such made for them custom or purchase them at a rookery. Magic items that fit themselves to their user work normally. They can wear magic gloves or rings on their talons.

Rayyl Battle Claws & Rayyl Armor

Rayyl Racial Traits:
• Rayyl are small humanoids
• + 2 to Intelligence and + 1 Wisdom
• Base Speed: 20’, Fly 50’
• Dark vision 120’
• Rayyl Weapons: Rayyl have a pair of natural 1d3 claw attacks, but most Rayyl who choose to fight use Battle Claws which blunt their natural attack in favor for blades of steel. All Rayyl are proficient with all “Rayyl” weapons and armor. They cannot be proficient with heavy, or 2 handed weapons even if a class would grant them proficiency.
• Light Blindness: Abrupt exposure to bright light blinds Rayyl for 1d4 rounds.
• Nocturnal: Rayyl prefer to sleep during the day, those who try to reverse this are often cranky, and moody.
• Magic on the wing: Rayyl do not need to make concentration checks for casting magic while flying unless the weather is severe or other conditions force a concentration check.
• Spell like abilities: Rayyl gain spell-like abilities: 1/day—comprehend languages, detect magic, detect poison and disease, the caster level for these effects is equal to the user’s hit dice, the Rayyl use intelligence for these spells even if they use another stat for other class spells.
• Bird like Senses: Rayyl gain an advantage on all wisdom (perception) checks and double their proficiency for passive wisdom (perception) checks
• Weather Savvy: Members of this race are so in tune with the air and sky they can sense the slightest change in atmospheric conditions. They can spend a full-round action to predict the weather in an area for the next 24 hours. This prediction is always accurate but cannot account for spells or supernatural effects that might alter the forecast.

Alternate racial traits
Paragon: Some Rayyl are exceptional in one area over all others, and has a +4 to either intelligence OR wisdom and a -1 Str, Dex, and Con. This cannot exceed 20 at 1st level. This replaces the normal + 2 to Intelligence and + 1 Wisdom


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