Seal Master school

Seal Masters are a school of wizardry, taught at the University Arcanum that focuses on Conjuring specific creatures that they develop a lasting relationship with and sign contracts with. They prepare a number of special seals, usually of wax or clay, which they can use to fast Conjure their friends. Many Seal masters take the spell Unbreakable contract when the are able, to ensure their more dangerous friends are clearly contained.

Prerequisite: Lawful alignment

Conjurer Journal and Seals: At 2nd level when a wizard takes this school they replace their spell book and wizard focus with a Conjurers Journal full of names and necessary glyphs for Conjuring as well as your other non Conjuring spells and a Seal making kit that includes a basic mold, wax, and a carving knife set.
Seal Masters keep a journal of names of creatures they can Conjure, At first level this journal has a number of names equal to your Intelligence modifier + 3. At every new level they can add 2 more names of creatures to the list. Seal masters can add to this list any time they come across list names of other Conjurers, or a creature of the correct alignment and Hd, willingly gives them their name and signs a contract. Seal masters are NOT required to conjure specific creatures if they don’t want to and only wish to receive a generic creature but those creatures do not gain any class advantages and cannot be fast conjured by way of a seal. Your conjurers journal also contains your normal wizard spells just like your spell book did.
Example: Bruno a 8th level Seal master (Int 17) has 20 names in his journal in varying powers from 2Hd up to 8Hd. It also contains a total of 20 spells.

Bonus proficiency: At 2nd level you gain proficiency with Artisan tools: ( Seal making kit)

Named Seals At 2nd level a Seal master learns to prepare a set of daily seals from wax or clay equal to the number of spell slots he wishes to sacrifice for the day, once bound into a seal they cannot be used for other spells. Each of these seals has engraved on them the name of the specific creature to be conjured. Seals not used the previous day can kept and reused, but the spell slot is lost and must be reinvested into the seal each day. The Spell slots sacrificed must be the same level as the conjured creatures CR.
As action the Seal master can break a seal to fast conjure his named creature. If a seal is used to conjure a creature that was banished by being reduced to 0Hp less than 3 days ago the spell fails and the slot is lost.

Specific Conjuring: At 2nd level, When you cast a conjuring spell instead of receiving a generic creature, you can receive a specific creature that you have gotten to know and can name. Conjuring this creature represents a contract you have made with this creature to call on them. These creatures are normally the same alignment as you, and you cannot conjure a creature who’s alignment is opposed to yours. This creature is capable of receiving xp, treasure, and other upgrades and expects such as a reward for his service to you. The standard contract is 10% of the experience points and treasure taken from the conjurers share, for each engagement they take part in. however incredibly dangerous missions may be renegotiated on the spot.
The creature may act on this turn it is conjured so long as the Seal master takes no further actions and does not fail a concentration check DC 10, if he fails they appear and act on the following round. The creature acts on the last initiative for the first round and on the seal masters initiative for all other rounds. The creature can be any beast, fey, outsider or elemental with a CR equal to half your wizard level. Creatures conjured with a seal have a duration of 1 hour before they return home.
A creature that has been banished by reaching 0Hp or a banishment spell cannot return to the same plane for 3 days, except by way of a refreshing call.

Spell slot Creature CR Example
1st CR 1 Tiger, Fire Snake
2nd CR 2 Cave Bear, Spined Devil
3rd CR 3 Giant Scorpion, Fairy Eels
4th CR 4 Iron Dog, Couatl
5th CR 5 Unicorn, Polar Bear
6th CR 6 Sand Manta ray, Chasme
7th CR 7 Giant Ape, Dire Polar Bear
8th CR 8 Hezrou, Tyrannosaurus Rex
9th CR 9 Treant, Polar Chimera

Refreshing Call: At 6th level, 1/day A seal master may call a creature who was banished less than 3 days ago, fully refreshed. If the creature dies again, it cannot be conjured for 5 days even with a refreshing call. This ability refreshes with a long rest.

Conjurers guidance: At 6th level a number of times equal to your intelligence modifier, you may give your specific conjured creature advantage on its attack rolls for 1 minute. This ability refreshes with a long rest.

Bonus Spell At 9th level Seal masters have access to the spell Unbreakable contract , this does not count against their conjurers journal limits.

Extended Conjure: At 10th level all the Conjuring spells cast for specific creatures by the seal master have their duration doubled to 2 hours.

Conjurers shield At 10th level when you conjure your specific creature they gain an armor bonus equal to your intelligence modifier while they are serving you.

Fused Seals: At 14th level, they may scribe two names of creatures on one seal. Each name takes up an appropriate level spell slot. The spells slots must be within 1 level of each other. The DC for the concentration checks is + 4 due to the intense concentration needed to conjure 2 creatures at once.

Seal Master school

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