There are many kingdoms on the Planet of Starholm

Daytar Leamay: A middle European kingdom style ruled by a Paladin king. Despite the lasting peace many dark political underpinnings and secret rebellions boil just beneath the surface. While humans are the most common and populous of the races they share space with Elves, Dwarves, Halflings, Rayyl, Wanakanda and many other demi-human races. Great schools of learning bring focus to those who have the talent and gold to learn their secrets.

Badlands: A barren waste between the northern edge of the Dark forest, the western border of Daytar Leamay and the eastern border of Saymantia. Plagued by bandits and foul beasts this land is forsaken except by those running from the law in other kingdoms. Here magic is broken and rarely works as intended, some legends say a great power of nature was slain and harmed the very fabric of magic.

Jerrita: A middle eastern kingdom ruled by Jinn and their Genasi offspring. much of the kingdom is taken up by the Golden desert and the sand pirates that live there. the rest of the kingdom stays in their protected little cities hating on those who are different.

Treymat: A forgotten kingdom filled with hominid men, dinosaurs and primitive beasts. Most avoid this place but its the only place on the planet to grow “floating crystals” used by the Thunder giants to makes their castles float.

Gah: A far eastern kingdom much like feudal Japan, Warlords fight amongst themselves to prove their power and small towns are often battlegrounds marking territory. Ninja and panda are common as are the mighty samurai.

The Diablo Swamp: Less a kingdom than a huge flooded peninsula that few people would willingly live in, that is except for the Amazons, run away women who survive in this unforgiving realm of snakes, wild beasts and a distinct lack of dry land.

Saymantia: In this kingdoms the demi-humans rule. A council made up of a representative from each of the races holds power over all so that no-one is left without a voice. This often makes politics slow and many of the lesser species not included in the council to be treated poorly (including humans and goblins)

Goldhar: A violent and dangerous place known more for its slaving practices than who lives there. Anyone not of noble birth can expect a life of servitude, brutality and early death.

Gregeet: A mass of islands populated by pirates and sea loving fishermen. Whole populations live aboard rafts and many of the small islands are fortresses built to defend from raiders. Those who have power over weather and sea are considered worth their weight in gold.


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