Two towers

You can bang your tower shields together to create a stunning boom.

Prerequisites:Bane shielding, Base attack +6, Strength: 18, Tower shield proficiency

Effect: as a single action you can make a successful two towers melee check (DC= opponents touch AC) or CMB to stun your opponent for 1d4(+ 1d4) rounds. Opponents must make a DC:(10+ str+ shield AC) fort save vs. unconscious for an additional 1d4 rounds. Your opponent must be within your normal threat range or 5’ for this feat to work. This attack is considered sonic for the effect of determining resistances.

Example: Ruthgar the peaceful barbarian declares he is going to attempt a Two towers attack to stun his opponent. Ruthgar’s slams his shields together making a thunder clap, his two tower shield attack against his opponents AC hit successfully so the DM rolls a 2 on a 1d4 and the opponent is stunned for 2 rounds, The opponent also has to make a DC:22 (10 +4 str +8 tower shield) Fort save. He succeeds so he is not knocked unconscious, if he had failed, he would have been unconscious for 1d4 rounds then stunned for 2 rounds after he wakes.

Two towers

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