University Arcanum

History: Located in T’nari the university has been around for close to 2000 years and is often headed by elven arch-mages. The university trains in all forms of proper arcane magic usage (the dark art of necromancy is not allowed here). It’s the only one of its kind in Daytar Leamay. They accept students from all around the kingdom if they can afford the tuition fees. The tests are grueling, and many students fail out in the first year. Many of the student who manage to reach the first year commencement ceremony go on to be great wizards and sorcerers in their own right, but the students tend to be rather intellectual and snobby. A beautiful campus for strolling in (ducking regularly as students practice some of their spells or have a duel) and an immense library that may prove useful to PC’s on quests. Magic items can be ordered or purchased from the bookstore/gift shop.

Training and levels:
The university’s fees are steep, but they have access to an almost unlimited well of knowledge. 1000Gp x level for 1 year (includes food and board)


Sorcerer bloodlines: Available from the university
Arachnid Bloodline
Avaian Bloodline
Beastkin Bloodline
Crafters Bloodline
Lycanthrope Bloodline
Human only Bloodlines
Nobility Bloodline
Hominid Bloodline

Wizard Schools
Dueling School: A specialized form of entertainment and fun, the wizard duelist specializes in non-lethal means of subduing their opponents. see Wizard dueling
Mephit keeper school: The backbone of the University, the mephits they befriend, heat the water, keep the grounds, and the library and anything else that needs to be done on campus.
Weather sage: Masters of wind and wave Weather sages are in high demand on board the sailing ships and in caravans. only taught by Lady Estellis LeManis.
Seal Masters: These conjurers use disposable seals to quick summon their allies
Dimensional Masters These wizards are masters in self transposition and movement.
Astrologer Masters of divination, math and star movement.

Alchemist: Learns to use unstable chemicals
Life leech: A type of healer that manipulates life energy

Backgrounds: Any, Scholarship, University Arcanum trained

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University Arcanum

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