Personality: The Wanakanda are simple folks who live quietly in the Dark forest, They worry little about others and tend to keep to themselves except at the height of summer when all Wanakanda gather together in a great “Thing” where this seasons mates are chosen and news is shared. They tend to be loners and avoid having complicated companions. Wanakanda are matriarchal and always take the family name of their mothers (as their unlikely to know their father)

Physical description: Wanakanda tend to the large side of Medium, ranging from 5’ 6" up to 6’ 6", they are covered in soft fur that ranges from white through the browns to black. They have Green or Blue eyes and a small muzzle. The tend to have great round bellies or derrieres, and short stubby fingers ending in claws. Wanakanda require a 20 day (1 month) rest in the winter when they hibernate. A Wanakanda woken during his hibernation is fatigued until they finish their hibernation. Their lifespans are similar to humans, the very eldest living into their 90’s.

Relations: Laid back and relaxed, Wanakanda get along with anyone not trying to attack them, or their family. The Gorish clan Orcs of the Dark forest leave the Wanakanda alone in an almost superstitious way preferring not to bother creatures that can get much bigger than them.

Alignment: Wanakanda are always good but vary on their opinions about the law. Compassion and consideration for others are deeply embedded concepts. Those few who fall to the evil side are considered to have gone feral and lost all honor and Wanakanda heart.

Wanakanda Lands: The Wanakanda live in The Dark Forest they own no land and even in the winter they only build simple shelters meant to be abandoned in the spring. They enjoy traveling lightly with little more than a sky tent and food pack. Wanakanda find the idea of personal ownership to be most laughable.

Religion: Wanakanda shaman draw on the powers of earth but worship no single deity.

Language: Wanakanda start speaking Common and their own language

Names: Wanakanda names are made from their environment.
Female names: Flower, Leaf, Little fox, Songbird,
Male names: Blackwolf, Oak, Branch, Moss, Rock
Family names: Longgrass, Windwisper, Shootingstar, Sharpcliff, RottenLog

Adventurers: Wanakanda make excellent adventures as they are already nomadic in nature. Most Wanakanda who adventure often take up ranger, druid or barbarian classes.

Racial Traits
• Wanakanda are medium humanoids.
• + 2 strength and +1 constitution.
• Speed: 20’ Wanakanda move slowly even on good days.
• Darkvision 60’
• Beast nose: Add twice the proficiency bonus on scent related perception checks.
• Wanakanda have a pair of 1d4 claw attacks.
• Fearless: Wanakanda have advantage on saving throws against fear-based effects.
• Spell casting ability: 1/day “Enlarge /Reduce” usable on self only, refreshes with short or long rest. This spell is cast off wisdom even if the Wanakanda uses another stat for spells.
• Relentless: Has advantage on opposed combat checks for push and grapple.
• Language: Common and Wanakanda.


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