Alignment: NE
D&D Domains: Trickery, Luck, Strength
Pathfinder Domains: Trickery (Thievery), Luck, Strength, Darkness, Hunter
Favored class: Rogue
Favored weapon: Crossbow
Description: Wantaras is the patron of beggars, and thieves. Take what you can when you can, life is a matter of survival. While Wantaras have very few temples (the largest one in Mountain view) but every city that has a thieves guild also has a shrine, often in the same building…. Followers of Wantaras see strength, skill and subtly as the most important parts of life, and most of his clerics are multi classed rogues. Only a fool would trust a follower of Wantaras (of course that’s what they want you to think….)

Festivals: Mecak 13: “mischief day” Both the temples of Wantaras and Tamama. In a rare joining these two faiths get together to trick and play pranks on anyone they can.

Symbol: black disk

Patron City: Mountain view
Cities: Aerie, Arden vale, Hammerdrier, Mat Jabar, Mountain view, Nader


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